5 Year Fixed, Balloon payment in 10 years

7.0% at 2 points

7.421% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

Cashout OK on this loan.

The initial interest rate is fixed 5 years.  It then adjusts once to 2.25% over prime using the value of prime at that point in time.  This loan has a floor of 6.5%, so it will not reset below the initial note rate.  After the reset, the loan is fixed 5 more years.  25 year amortization.  Balloon payment in ten years.

No pre-payment penalty. Minimum loan $300,000.  Maximum loan-to-value 65% for purchases, rate and term refinances or cashout refinance.  Secondary financing may be allowed.

This loan is for essentially rural/agricultural property with or without structures, where there is some current agricultural activity or use.  No maximum acreage limit.  20 acre mininum.

APR calculated using $500,000 loan amount.