Construction Loans

* APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on $500,000 loan amount.

Land Loans

Land Loan Prog. 1

  • 4.900% on 10/1 ARM @ 1.75 points
  • 4.842% APR*
  • Vacant rural/agricultural land

Land Loan Prog. 2

Not currently available

Land Loan Prog. 3

Not currently avaialble

Land Loan Prog. 4

Not currently available

* APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

Lot Loans

Lot Loan Prog. #1
4.125% on a 3/1 ARM (fixed 3 years)

3.692% APR*

1 point

80% to $300,000, 75% to $400,000, 70% to 500,000, 65% to $750,000.  By exception above $750,000.

Lot Loan Program #2
3.95% @ 2 points.  3 Year fixed then balloon payment.  NEW: 3 years out of BK, FC, Short Sale OK

5.474% APR*

80% to $300,000, 75% to $400,000, 70% to 500,000.   NEW:  Structures other than complete single family residence OK.

Lot Loan Program #3
Not currently available.

Lot Loan Program #4
Not currently available.

*APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on $300,000 loan.


What is an “All-in-One” or a “Single Close” construction loan? Why is it a good idea?

A “single close” construction loan is also your permanent financing. It is not just an interim construction loan, which would require a “take out” loan refinance at the end of construction to put the permanent financing in place.

This “take out” loan would involve an additional set of closing costs, you would have to provide new income and asset documentation to qualify, and qualification would not be guaranteed. Read on »

About Us

California Construction LoansSince 2000 we have specialized in construction loans, lot loans, and vacant land loans in the Western United States. We do single close construction loans for ground up construction starting with a vacant lot or a tear down, as well as single close construction loans for rehab, remodel and additions.

Most construction loan programs are for owner occupied single family residences, or owner occupied duplexes. Lot loans are for vacant parcels zoned for 1 to 2 units. Vacant rural/agricultural land loans are available in most states. In California, we also do loans for commercial and multi-family construction. Spec loans are available in some parts of California.